Wide Mouth Mason Jars

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Product namePriceQuantity 
Mason Jars, PP, Pint, 6/Pkg฿0,00000000
Mason Jars, PP, 1Liter (1Qt), 6/Pkg฿0,00000000
Mason Jars, PP, 2Liters (1/2 Gal), 3/Pkg฿0,00000000
Mason Jars, PP, 4Liters (1 Gal), 2/Pkg฿0,00000000
Mason Jars, PP, 8Liters (2 Gal), 1/Pkg฿0,00000000


Durable Versatility for Large Samples or Storage.

These polypropylene, heavy-walled Mason Jars are ideal for industrial waste sampling, and long-term storage. They have standard 70mm G-threaded necks and polypropylene screw closures with unique grip lugs and a removable leak proof seal ring. Note: Loosen or remove closure before autoclaving.


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