Valeric acid

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Valeric acid, also known as Pentanoic acid is a colorless liquid with a penetrating unpleasant odor. Density 0.94 g/cm3. Freezing point -93.2°F (-34°C). Boiling point 365.7°F (185.4°C). Flash point 192°F (88.9°C). Corrosive to metals and tissue. Valeric acid, or pentanoic acid, is a straight chain alkyl carboxylic acid with the chemical formula CH3(CH2)3COOH. Like other low molecular weight carboxylic acids, it has a very unpleasant odor. It is found naturally in the perennial flowering plant valerian (Valeriana officinalis), from which it gets its name. Its primary use is in the synthesis of its esters. Volatile esters of valeric acid tend to have pleasant odors and are used in perfumes and cosmetics. Ethyl valerate and pentyl valerate are used as food additives because of their fruity flavors. Formula C5H10O2 Molar mass 102.133 g/mol CAS Number 109-52-4 Density 0.939 g/cm3 Purity/Grade =>99% Appearence Liquid””


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