Tin(II) chloride 99.99% trace metals basis

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Stannous chloride is used as a source of tin in radiopharmaceutical kits. Tin reduces technetium-99m, the active radiological agent, allowing it to form a complex with phosphate-containing moeities [A32700]. These complexes localize primarily in bone (40-50%) and infracted myocardium (0.01-0.02%/g of tissue) allowing for imaging of areas of altered osteogenesis or necrotic heart tissue [FDA Label].Formula SnCl2 Molar mass 189.62 g/mol CAS Number 7772-99-8 Density 3.950 g/cm3 Purity/Grade 99.99% trace metals basis Apearance Crystalline Melting point 246°C (475°F) – lit. Boiling point 652°C (1


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