Potassium Carbonate Anhydrous 99% ACS Reagent

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Potassium carbonate (K2CO3) is a white salt, soluble in water (insoluble in ethanol) which forms a strongly alkaline solution. It can be made as the product of potassium hydroxide’s absorbent reaction with carbon dioxide. It is deliquescent, often appearing a damp or wet solid. Potassium carbonate is used in the production of soap and glass. Formula K2CO3 Molar mass 138.205 g/mol CAS Number 584-08-7 Density 2.428 g/cm3 Purity/Grade ≥99.0% (ACS Reagent) Appearance Crystalline Water solubility 138 g/l at 20°C (68°F) – completely soluble Melting point/freezing point 891°C (1


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