Poly-Cone Universal Adapter

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This precision-engineered adapter forms a continuous standard taper inside and out, from top to bottom. It withstands temperatures up to 121°C (250°F). It may be cut with a fine-tooth saw or sharp knife into all kinds of adapters, such as individual bushings, stirrer bearings, thermometer and gas inlet tube supports, drip-tips, funnels, trap connectors for tubing, etc. Poly-Cone™ adapter allows connection of two equal or unequal joints, a joint and a straight tube, or two straight tubes. When new and well-lubricated, it will hold a vacuum. Overall length 27 cm (10 5/8″”). A few of the many uses: 35/50 to 30/50 (accommodates 34/45 to 29/42) 30/50 to 25/50 (accommodates 29/42 to 24/40) 25/50 to 20/50 (accommodates 24/40 to 19/38) 20/50 to 15/50 (accommodates 19/38 to 14/35) 15/50 to 10/50 (accommodates 14/35 to 10/30) 10/20 to 5/20 (accommodates thermometers, glass tubing, etc.)


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