Picric acid 98%

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Pure trinitrophenol is a solid substance in the form of plate-like colorless or yellowish crystals. It has density 1813 kg/m³, the melting point of 122.5 °C.  The crystalline system is orthorhombic bipyramidal.  Vapor pressure at 195 °C is 2 mm Hg; at 255 °C – 50 mm Hg.  Art.  The melt density at 124 °C is 1589 kg/m³, at 170 ° C – 1513 kg/m³.  Gravimetric (bulk density) of the powder is 900-1000 kg/m³.  The powder is well pressed, especially when heated.  With a pressing pressure of 4,500 kg/cm², the density is 1740 kg/m³, but in practice, for safety reasons, it is compressed at pressures up to 2000 kg/cm², with a density not exceeding 1630 kg/m³.  With a mild cooling of the melt, it is possible to obtain a solid with a density of 1580-1610 kg/m³

Formula – C6H3N3O7

Molar mass – 229.104 g/mol

CAS Number – 88-89-1

Density – 1.763 g/cm3

Purity/Grade – =>98%

Appearance – Powder


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