Oleyl Alcohol

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(9Z)-octadecen-1-ol, also known as Oleyl alcohol or Witcohol 85, is classified as a member of the Long-chain fatty alcohols. Long-chain fatty alcohols are fatty alcohols that have an aliphatic tail of 13 to 21 carbon atoms. (9Z)-octadecen-1-ol is considered to be practically insoluble (in water) and relatively neutral. (9Z)-octadecen-1-ol is a fatty alcohol lipid molecule. Oleyl alcohol, octadecenol, or cis-9-octadecen-1-ol, is an unsaturated fatty alcohol with the molecular formula C18H36O or the condensed structural formula CH3(CH2)7-CH=CH-(CH2)8OH. Formula C18H36O Molar mass 268.485 g/mol CAS Number 143-28-2 Density 0.8489 g/cm3 Purity/Grade =>99% Appearence Liquid””


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