Nickelous Carbonate

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From the industrial perspective, the most important nickel carbonate is basic nickel carbonate with the formula Ni4CO3(OH)6(H2O)4. Simpler carbonates, ones more likely encountered in the laboratory, are NiCO3 and its hexahydrate. All are paramagnetic green solid containing Ni2+ cations. The basic carbonate is an intermediate in the hydrometallurgical purification of nickel from its ores and is used in electroplating of nickel. Nickel carbonates are used in some ceramic applications and as precursors to catalysts. Formula NiCO3 Molar mass 118.701 g/mol CAS Number 3333-67-3 Density 4.39 g/cm3 (20°C) Purity/Grade ~45% (Reagent) Appearance Green Powder Water solubility 0.09 g/l Melting point/freezing point 205 °C Decomposes””


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