Methylamine, CAS 74-89-5

art: ch74-89-5-1
Formula CH3NH2
Molar mass 31.06 g·mol−1
CAS number 74-89-5

Available Options

1000KG Methylamine$10,000.00
100KG Methylamine$1,500.00
1KG Methylamine$20.00


Synonyms:  Carbinamine, Aminomethane, Monomethylamine, R 630, MMA

Methylamine CH3NH2 is an organic ammonia derivative, a primary aliphatic amine. Under normal conditions, methylamine is a colorless gas with an ammonia odor. Methylamine is a typical primary amine. Methylamine forms salts with acids. Reactions with aldehydes and acetals lead to Schiff bases. When reacted with esters or acyl chlorides it gives amides. As a rule, it is used in the form of solutions: 40% (wt%) in water, methanol, ethanol or THF. It has good solubility in water.

General Properties

It is used for the synthesis of pesticides, drugs, dyes. The most important of the products are N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone, methylformamide, caffeine, ephedrine and N,N’-dimethylurea. It is also a minor nitrogenous excretion in bony fish. It is widely used in several applications:

  • in drug development and synthesis;
  • in the photography industry;
  • in the agricultural field.


Methylamine is used in the manufacture of household chemical formulations (adhesives, some dyes and solvents). Pharmaceutical companies use methylamine in the manufacture of drugs containing theophylline or caffeine and many antidepressants. It is part of most herbicides and insecticides.


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