Liquid Nitrogen-Cooled Mortar

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Liquid Nitrogen-Cooled Mortar0.95 
Stainless Steel Mortar0.95 


Grind Frozen Samples without Liquid Nitrogen Hazards

Frozen tissue samples can be ground without the hazard of liquid nitrogen droplets flying onto personnel. A 304 stainless steel mortar is suspended by three brackets above a stainless steel bowl which holds the liquid nitrogen. The bowl is nested in a heavily insulated blue polyethylene housing. The mortar has an insulated handle, 102mm (4″) long, that is removable for saving space. The housing measures 165mm (6 1/2″) in diameter x 114mm (4 1/2″) high and has three suction cup feet. The recommended size pestle is any size appropriate for a 275ml mortar. Pestle not included.


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