Lactic Acid 85% ACS Reagent Grade

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Lactic acid, also called hydroxypropionic acid or lactate, is an organic substance that is released during lactic acid fermentation, for example, during the souring of milk or during the conservation of vegetables.  It can produce bifidobacteria, lactobacilli and actinomycetes – microorganisms that live in the intestine.  Some other bacteria that inhabit the intestines feed on lactic acid, turning it into other compounds necessary for the body.  Lactate is widely used in veterinary medicine as an antiseptic, as well as for the normalization of digestive processes.


Formula – C3H6O3

Molar mass – 90.078 g/mol

CAS Number – 50-21-5

Density – 1.2060 g/cm3

Purity/Grade – 85% (ACS Reagent)

Appearance – Liquid


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