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Formula C10H9N5O
Molar mass 215.216 g/mol
CAS number 525-79-1
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Kinetin is a type of cytokinin, a class of plant hormone that promotes cell division. Kinetin was originally isolated by Miller and Skoog et al. as a compound from autoclaved herring sperm DNA that had cell division-promoting activity. It was given the name kinetin because of its ability to induce cell division, provided that auxin was present in the medium. Kinetin is often used in plant tissue culture for inducing formation of callus (in conjunction with auxin) and to regenerate shoot tissues from callus (with lower auxin concentration). Kinetin can react with UDP-D-glucose to produce kinetin-7-N-glucoside or kinetin-9-N-glucoside, with UDP as a byproduct. The reaction is catalyzed by UDP glycosyltransferase. Kinetin is a hormone derived from plants.

Storage Information: Freeze. Keep tightly closed.

Molar mass
215.216 g/mol
CAS Number
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