Hydrofluoric Acid 48% ACS Reagent

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Hydrofluoric acid (hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid) is an aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride (HF).  The industry is produced in the form of 40% (more often), as well as 50% and 72% of solutions.  The name “hydrofluoric acid” is derived from fluorspar, from which hydrogen fluoride is obtained. It is colorless easy-moving liquid with a sharp odor and burning “vinegar” taste.  Dissolution of hydrogen fluoride in water is accompanied by a rather significant heat release (59.1 kJ/mol).  Hydrogen fluoride is characterized by the formation of a 38.6% HF and a boiling at 114 °C azeotropic mixture (according to other data, 37.5% and tbp 109 °C).  Such an azeotrope mixture is obtained ultimately by distilling both concentrated and diluted acid.

Formula – HF

Molar mass – 20.006 g/mol

CAS Number – 7664-39-3

Density – 1.15 g/mL

Purity/Grade – 48% (ACS Reagent)

Appearance – Colorless liquid


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