Ferrous Chloride Tetrahydrate

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Iron(II) chloride is a paramagnetic solid with a high melting point. The compound is white, but typical samples are often off-white. FeCl2 crystallizes from water as the greenish tetrahydrate, which is the form that is most commonly encountered in commerce and the laboratory. There is also a dihydrate. The compound is also soluble in water, aqueous solutions of FeCl2 are highly transparent and pale green in color.Iron dichloride tetrahydrate is a hydrate that is the tetrahydrate form of iron dichloride. It is a hydrate, an iron coordination entity and an inorganic chloride. It contains an iron dichloride. Formula Cl2FeH8O4 Molar mass 198.805 g/mol CAS Number 13478-10-9 Density 1.93 g/cm3 Purity/Grade 98% (ReagentPlus) Appearance Crystal Vapour pressure 13.3 hPa (10.0 mmHg) at 693°C (1


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