Ferric Ammonium Sulfate Dodecahydrate

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Ammonium ferric sulfate dodecahydrate can be used as a catalyst to synthesize of Isoamyl acetate from acetic acid and isoamyl alcohol 2-Amino-5-(5-nitro-2-thienyl)-1,3,4-thiadiazole from 5-nitrothiophene-2-carboxaldehyde thiosemicarbazone via oxidative cyclization. Formula FeH28NO20S2 Molar mass 482.176 g/mol CAS Number 7783-83-7 Density 1.710 g/cm3 Purity/Grade 99% (ACS Reagent) Appearance Crystal Water solubility ca.482.2 g/l at 20°C (68°F) pH 1 at 482.2 g/l at 25°C (77°F)””


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