Diacetone Alcohol

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Diacetone Alcohol is a clear colorless liquid with a pleasant odor. Flash point below 141°F. Less dense than water. Vapors heavier than air. Diacetone alcohol is found in fruits. Diacetone alcohol is isolated from the arctic bramble Rubus arcticu. Diacetone alcohol is a chemical compound with the formula C6H12O2 or CH3C(O)CH2C(OH)(CH3)2, sometimes called DAA. This liquid is a common synthetic intermediate used for the preparation of other compounds, and is also used as a solvent. Formula C6H12O2 Molar mass 116.16 g/mol CAS Number 123-42-2 Density 0.931 g/cm3 at 25 °C Purity/Grade 99% Appearence Liquid Initial boiling point and boiling range 166 °C Flash point 58 °C Vapour density 4.01 – (Air = 1.0)””


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