Ammonium Bifluoride 95% Reagent

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25g Ammonium Bifluoride 95% Reagent฿0,00000000
500g Ammonium Bifluoride 95% Reagent฿0,00000000
2.5kg Ammonium Bifluoride 95% Reagent฿0,00000000


Ammonium Bifluoride produced from ammonia and hydrogen fluoride. This colourless salt is a glass-etchant and an intermediate in a once-contemplated route to hydrofluoric acid. Employed in a new hydrothermal synthesis of complex flourides NaHoF4 and NaEuF4 these interesting compounds have the fluorite structure and are important forsolid-state lasers as well as for photoluminescence and magnetic characteristics

Formula – F2H5N

Molar mass – 57.044 g/mol

CAS Number – 1341-49-7

Density – 1.500 g/cm3

Purity/Grade – 95% (Reagent)

Appearance – White crystalline

Flash point – Not applicable

Melting point/freezing point – 125 °C (257 °F) – lit.


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