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Alprostadil used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, this agent produces corporal smooth muscle relaxation by binding to PGE receptors, resulting in the activation of adenylate cyclase and the subsequent accumulation of 3’5′-cAMP. Alprostadil is a potent vasodilator agent that increases peripheral blood flow.Alprostadil is a Prostaglandin Analog and Prostaglandin E1 Agonist. The mechanism of action of alprostadil is as a Prostaglandin Receptor Agonist. The physiologic effect of alprostadil is by means of Genitourinary Arterial Vasodilation and Venous Vasodilation. The chemical classification of alprostadil is Prostaglandins. Formula C20H34O5 Molar mass 354.487 g/mol CAS Number 745-65-3 Purity/Grade 99% Appearence Powder Melting point/freezing point Melting point/range: 113 – 116°C (235 – 241°F) Water solubility partly soluble””


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