Acetyl Chloride 98% Reagent

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Acetyl chloride is used for acetylation reactions, i.e., the introduction of an acetyl group. Acetyl is an acyl group having the formula-C(=O)-CH3. For further information on the types of chemical reactions compounds such as acetyl chloride can undergo, see acyl halide. Two major classes of acetylations include esterification and the Friedel-Crafts reaction. Formula C2H3ClO Molar mass 78.495 g/mol CAS Number 75-36-5 Density 1.104 g/mL at 25°C (77°F) Purity/Grade 98% (Reagent) Appearence Liquid Melting point/freezing point Melting point/range: – 112°C (-170°F) – lit. Initial boiling point and boiling range 52°C (126°F) – lit. Flash point 5°C (41°F) – closed cup Vapour pressure 805.765hPa (604.373mmHg) at 20°C (68°F)


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