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Silicone Rubber Loops

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Silicone Rubber Loops
  • Silicone Rubber Loops

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Versatile Elastic Closures

These flexible bands solve your bundling, binding and color coding problems in the laboratory. Use the adjustable “rubber bands” in the autoclave or freezer, or for securing columns and burettes to sup-ports. The loops are also useful for controlling flexible tubing, keeping foil covers on canisters and securing dialysis bags or biohazard bags. Each loop has a small tension-control band which slides to make the loop larger or smaller as needed. The loops are 5mm (.2") wide and will stretch up to 100mm (4") in diameter. Remaining flexible at temperatures ranging from -46ºC to 121ºC (-50ºF to 250ºF), these loops can fill a variety of needs and are autoclavable. Supplied in red, blue and yellow. Packed in a bag of 30, 10 of each color.

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