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Pyrrolidine 99.5%
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Pyrrolidine is found in alcoholic beverages. Pyrrolidine is widely distributed in foodstuffs in trace amts., presumably as bacterial decarboxylation produced of proline. Pyrrolidine is present in bread, milk, cheese, carrots, celery stalks, beer, spirits, coffee, caviar and fatty fish. Pyrrolidine is a flavouring agent. Pyrrolidine is a clear liquid with an unpleasant odor that is ammoniacal, fishy, shellfish-like and seaweed-like. Pyrrolidine is found naturally in the leaves of tobacco and carrot. The pyrrolidine ring structure is present in numerous natural alkaloids such as nicotine and hygrine. It is found in many pharmaceutical drugs such as procyclidine and bepridil. It also forms the basis for the racetam compounds (e. g. piracetam, aniracetam). Pyrrolidine is a pyrrolidine ring is the central structure of the amino acids proline and hydroxyproline. Pyrrolidine has been shown to exhibit radical scavenger, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, hepatoprotective and metal chelator functions. Pyrrolidine belongs to the family of Pyrrolidines. These are compounds containing a pyrrolidine ring, which is a five-member saturated aliphatic heterocycle with one nitrogen atom and four carbon atoms.

Molar mass
71.123 g/mol
CAS Number
0.8520 at 22.5 deg C/4 deg C
=>99.5%, purified by redistillation
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