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Polystop Dropper Bottles
  • Polystop Bottle, Glass, Dropper, 30mL (1oz)

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  • Polystop Bottle, Glass, Dropper, 60mL (2oz)

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  • Polystop Bottle, Glass, Dropper, 125mL (4oz)

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Use Dropper While Stopper Remains in Bottle

The Polystop™ Dropper Bottle provides a distinct advantage over other glass dropper bottles. The dropper section easily pulls free for use while the polypropylene stopper remains snugly in the neck of the bottle. This helps prevent chipping the glass dropper section as it is re-inserted into the bottle. The clear glass bottle has a ground standard tapper neck, and the dropper has a soft vinyl bulb. Disassembles for easy cleaning.

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