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Laboratory Reactor 50L

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Laboratory Reactor 50L
  • Laboratory Reactor 50L

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A laboratory reactor with a volume of 50 liters is used in small plants and laboratories.  Like reactors of other volumes, this model is used for the manufacture of organic substances.
  The work of the reactor can be controlled in automatic mode, and with the help of manual settings.  In addition to the reactor, various instruments can be attached: a thermometer, a stirrer, a manometer.  These devices are necessary to perform certain processes.
  The reactor has a simple design: a bulb made of thick glass, which allows it to cope with temperature changes and the action of chemical agents;  Stand with wheels, for easy transportation of equipment;  a set of devices necessary for the technological process.
  The laboratory reactor is used as the main equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.  The average volume of the device allows it to occupy a little space, in contrast to the capital one.  Quality and compliance with the description can guarantee the documents that accompany this device.  Passport and declaration of conformity of the customs union are attached to the laboratory reactor.  The instruction manual is attached to the kit of all components of this reactor.

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