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Laboratory Reactor 30L

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Laboratory Reactor 30L
  • Laboratory Reactor 30L

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This type of laboratory reactor has a capacity of 30 liters. This device is designed for the synthesis of various chemical and organic substances. The reactor is used in the pharmacological and food industries, as well as for the purpose of laboratory research.
The laboratory reactor consists of several parts: a rack, a vessel of glass material and additional equipment. Borosilicate glass, from which the flask is made, possesses high strength, which creates all conditions for carrying out various processes. The bulb is not afraid of too high or low pressure, a sudden change in temperature and interaction with chemicals of different levels of aggressiveness. For convenient conduct of reactions with chemical compounds, a flask is provided to the flask. With the help of the latter, the bulb is firmly and stably installed indoors.
To make the 30-liter reactor easy to transport to different rooms, the rack is equipped with wheels. As additional equipment can act a pressure gauge, a device for rotating the bulb, a vacuum pump.

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