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Cupric Carbonate basic 95% purum p.a.
  • 250g Cupric Carbonate basic 95% purum p.a.

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Basic copper carbonate appears as peacock green small amorphous powder. It can’t be dissolved in cold water and alcohol, being soluble in acid to form the corresponding copper salt. It is soluble in the cyanide, ammonia, ammonium salt and alkali metal carbonate aqueous solution. It can be applied to the fields of pyrotechnics, pesticides, pigments, feed, fungicides, preservatives and other industries for the manufacturing of copper compounds.It can be applied to analysis reagents and pesticides.It can be applied to organic catalysts, pyrotechnics and pigments. In the field of agriculture, it can be used for the prevention of plants smut, as the poisoning antidote for insecticides and phosphorus poison antidote as well as the germicide of the seeds; being mixed with asphalt can prevent animal husbandry and wild rat from eating seedlings; it can be applied to feed as the copper additive. In the crude oil storage, it can be used as alkali agent and the raw material for the production of copper compounds. It can also be used for electroplating, corrosion and analysis reagents. It can be applied to paint color, pyrotechnics, pesticides, seed treatment germicide and for preparation of other copper salts. It can also be used as solid fluorescent powder activator.  

Molar mass
123.55 g/mol
CAS Number
4 g/cm3
≥95% purum
Dark green powder
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