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Cube 2Ube® Tubes

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Cube 2Ube® Tubes
  • Cube 2UBE Tubes, PP, Bulk Packed, 1000/Bag

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  • Cube 2UBE, Cap Strip, PE, 12 Caps, 80 Strips

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  • Cube 2UBE, Rigid Rack, PP, w/Cover, 10/Box

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CUBE 2UBE® Tubes offer the advantages and convenience of pipetting 2.2ML per tube in a 8 x 12, 96 well format. The patented CUBE 2UBE® Tubes fit most automated liquid handling systems. and can be centrifuged up to 14,000 RPM. The polypropylene CUBE 2UBE® Tubes can be frozen to -40º C. CUBE 2UBE® Tubes are compatible with Beckman BioMek 1000, Tecan, Hamilton and other Robotic workstations. Racked in rigid polypropylene or soft styrene. Each tube has a capacity of 2.2MLS or 211MLS per rack of 96 tubes.

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