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Chromium Oxide
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Chrome oxide is a very refractory ceramic colorant (even a 50% mix with a high borax frit will not even begin to melt it in a crucible). Chrome oxide is the only stable oxide of the metal chromium. It is a bright to dark green crystalline powder insoluble in alkalis and acids. It is manufactured from the mineral Chromite mined in southern Africa, Asia, Turkey and Cuba. As with other powerful coloring agents, chrome must be milled fine enough to eliminate specking in glass or glaze.
Chromium is a 'fast' colorant, meaning can produce strong green colors under all furnace conditions, slow or fast, reducing or oxidizing. It is also a flat colorant (due to its refractory nature), it usually produces an army helmet opaque green. It is powerful, typically only 2% will produce a dark color. It cannot be used to make a metallic glaze.
Chrome oxide is usually employed in raw glazes whereas potassium dichromate is used in fritted glazes.

Chromium(III) oxide is used as pigment for coloring green on glass and fabrics. Other important applications are in metallurgy; as a component of refractory bricks, abrasives and ceramics; and as a catalyst in hydrogenation, hydrogenolysis and many other organic conversion reactions. It also is used to prepare other chromium salts.

Molar mass
151.989 g/mol
CAS Number
5.21 g/cm?
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