Ammonium Dichromate 99.5% ACS Reagent

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Ammonium dichromate is a bright orange red crystalline solid. It is readily ignited and burns producing a voluminous green residue. If heated in a closed container, the container may rupture due to the decomposition of the material. It may also act as a strong oxidizing agent if mixed with or contaminated with combustible material. It is soluble in water.

Formula – Cr2H8N2O7

Molar mass – 252.063 g/mol

CAS Number – 05.09.7789

Density – 2.150 g/cm3

Purity/Grade – 99.5% (ACS Reagent)

Appearance – Crystal

Flash point – Not applicable

Melting point/freezing point – 170°C (338°F) – dec

pH – 3.0 – 4.0 at 50 g/l at 25°C (77°F)


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