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Adapt-A-Port Kit, Teflon* TFE
  • Adapt-A-Port Kit, Teflon TFE, Joint Size 24/40

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  • Adapt-A-Port Kit, Teflon TFE, Joint Size 29/42

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The Safe-Lab® Adapt-a-Port® Kit is a unique adapter set consisting of three TEFLON® TFE pieces. The TEFLON® TFE body is threaded on the inside top to accept either the threaded vacuum port adapter or thermometer port adapter. Total interchangeability is achieved by simply unscrewing one threaded port adapter and replacing it with the other. The kit comes complete with O-rings.
The kit contains:

  • One standard taper TEFLON® TFE Adapt-a-Port® body with a Viton® O-ring for air-tight sealing.
  • One TEFLON® TFE threaded vacuum port adapter with a side angled serrated TEFLON® TFE nozzle for the tubing connections.
  • One TEFLON® TFE threaded thermometer port adapter with locking compression cap on top for straight stem thermometers or glass tubing. An O-ring on the bottom threaded section guarantees air-tight sealing.
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