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4'-Methylpropiophenone Technical

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4'-Methylpropiophenone Technical
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 Visually, it looks like a liquid of a yellowish hue, with a not very pronounced smell.  With water, the substance is mixed poorly, but it dissolves well in organic type solvents.  The melting point is 7.2 ° C, and 238-239 ° C is the boiling point of 4 methyl propiophenone. We strictly observe the storage conditions in our warehouse, maintain the necessary temperature regime, and supply the substance in fresh form.  Here you can buy 4 high-quality methyl propiophenone and at an affordable price, poured into 100 ml containers. The substance is non-toxic, but it implies special storage conditions.  When working, wear protective clothing and gloves, and protect eyes and respiratory system.  For storage it is recommended to use closed containers, and place 4-methylpropiophenone in a dry, cool and dark place. Apply the formulation in pharmaceutics in the manufacture of preparations, as well as in organic synthesis.  The substance is used for the production of medications.  It is used in veterinary medicine, can be used in the perfume industry.

Molar mass
148.205 g/mol
CAS Number
0.993 g/mL at 25 °C
Tecnical 90%
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