Synthesis of chemicals

A lot of chemical substances were obtained precisely because of the method of chemical synthesis. The essence of this method is to build more complex substances from simple ones, using a chemical reaction. Chemicals created in this way often have unexpected properties.

Synthesis can be different - with inorganic and organic substances.

Synthesis with inorganic compounds has a long history. Even at the time of the initial development of chemical science, scientists received new substances from inorganic compounds. Lack of a large number of natural organic compounds, which are needed to ensure the vital activity of people, led to the active development of chemical industry and organic synthesis in particular.

Today, synthesis is an important part of the production of most organic products. Some types of chemical products are synthesized on an industrial scale in order to obtain as a result a product with improved properties and low cost. For example, many drugs are created precisely by synthesis. They have increased effectiveness and are not addictive.

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