A New Catalog Extension of Product Range at Brumer

A New Extension of Product Range at Brumer

Research is a hard work and the last thing scientist needs is ransacking a wide range of stores and catalogs in search of necessary chemical or tool. That is why Brumer team works diligently on constant extension of our assortment for our customers could find everything they need for their laboratories on one website.

Now we are happy to present you a new item – hydrobromic acid in concentration 47-49%. This organic chemical is widely applied in laboratories and industry. It serves as a reagent in processes of oxidation and catalysis. Besides, hydrobromic acid is used in production of organobromine compounds and inorganic bromides. Extraction of certain metal ores is one more scope of this chemical.

Buy hydrobromic acid here – https://brumer.com/products/hydrobromic-acid-47-49-acs-reagent and the high-quality chemical for your laboratory will be delivered fast and safely to your destination.

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