Bitcoin. What is that? and How to buy?

A few years ago, advanced programmers, people from the technological sphere and only some players of the financial market knew about crypto-currencies. Now everyone is talking about bitcoin, discussing at dinner how much they could have earned on bitcoin if they had bought it a month ago or something like that.

Despite the fact that the first Bitcoin block appeared in 2009, the main crypto currency became popular only relatively recently. It is actively bought, sold, stored and even used as payment for services and goods. Everyone was seized by bitcoin-fever. And this is understandable, since the birth of BTC (bitcoin) the value of "digital gold" has increased more than 6 000 000 times!

Despite the frenzied relevance of this topic, bitcoin is not the most commonly used currency. Many simply do not know how and where to buy it ... We will prompt "how and where to buy bitcoin" for 10 minutes from anywhere in the world.

What is Bitcoin?

Let's start from the answer to the question "What is bitcoin"? Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency created and operating on the Internet based on block-technologies. BTC (bitcoin) no one can control, and the issue (issuance) of currency occurs through the complex mathematical calculations of millions of computers around the world. It was established in 2008, and the initial cost of 1 BTC was: $ 0.003. In December 2017, the cost of 1 BTC reached $ 19600 (and this is +653.3 million percent growth for the entire period).

How to buy Bitcoin?

How to safely buy bitcoin for 10 minutes without leaving home?

Bitcoin can be purchased even before you have your own bitcoin-wallet.

Here are the simplest and safest ways to do this.

Service p2p-exchange bitcoins, where people directly sell / buy bitcoin from each other, using the service itself as a guarantor of the security of the transaction.

First of all, we need to pass a simple registration, confirm the e-mail. After that, you can use the site. The LocalBitcoins interface is very simple and functional.


In the area indicated by a yellow rectangle, you choose how and for how much do you want to buy bitcoin.

A red rectangle is circled by people who are selling bitcoin at the moment. Each seller on the site has a rating, reviews and number of transactions. The more deals he made and the more positive feedback he received, the more secure the deal will be.

The blue rectangle is encircled with bitcoin prices and the minimum purchase amount. All sellers are different. Payment methods are also different (e-money to transfer to the card of any bank, cash...). It is necessary to choose the optimal ratio of price, rating and convenience of payment.

To avoid stumbling upon an unscrupulous beginner who wants to deceive you - do not work with sellers with a rating below 100%. On this platform, most sellers care about their reputation.

If you are satisfied with the price and reviews of a seller, click on it. You will go to his personal card, where you can read the information on how the transfer of money is to occur. We recommend following the instructions offered by the seller.


Next, you specify the amount for which you want to buy Bitcoin, get the requisites for payment and send money. After confirming payment, the seller transfers you Bitcoin to your built-in wallet (which will appear inside the Localbitcoins platform after registration). Check the receipt and confirm it. Now the deal is completed and you become the owner of the crypto currency!

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