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Meet your daily lab challenges in pipetting with Brumer top-quality products. Our experienced and dedicated team offers you the vast catalog of pipettes and accessories, including pipette fillers, tips, etc. We thoroughly check every single item we sell and cooperate only with trustworthy manufacturers who care about their customers and reputation just as we do.

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Glass Dropping Pipettes

Glass Dropping Pipettes

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Glass dropping pipettes with 5ml red bulbs. Straight pipets with glass tube and tapered rubber bulbs are available...
Pipette, Volumetric

Pipette, Volumetric

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These glass pipets are color-coded, have fast delivery, and are unserialized. Deliver faster than Class A...

Lab pipette is a tool used to collect and transport the accurate volumes of liquids. It may come in variety of forms and sizes for different purposes, and used in environmental sciences, microbiology, academic, medical, research laboratories etc. The measurement precision highly depends on the type of pipette used.

    All the pipettes are divided into two subcategories:
  • single,
  • multichannel.

The first variant enables to dispense essence into one receptacle at once, the second – to deliver equal volume of liquid to several vessels simultaneously. Multichannel models usually include eight or twelve pipettes. Their main function is to speed up the research process and to ensure concordant results. The lab pipettes also include mechanic and electronic versions. The latter are used to automate your daily pipetting tasks and increase productivity.

In order to buy pipettes for your laboratory visit our website Here you can find the extensive choice of pipettes combining high precision of measurements, practical ergonomic design and user friendliness. Secure your researches with the instruments that incorporate long-time experience and latest innovations for concordant and reproducible results.

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