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The online chemical store Brumer.com offers an extensive catalog of top quality mortar and pestle sets, as well as individual units for your laboratory. Here you can find them in variety of shapes and sizes, and of different material in order to meet your requirements perfectly.

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A mortar is a bowl in which substances are grounded with a pestle. In chemistry, it is often used to prepare reactants. All the mortars usually differ in their diameter and capacity, while pestles are divided according to their head shape, diameter and handle length.

Fabrication material is also of outmost importance. Its hardness and porosity may affect the results greatly. The first one is an important factor, since each set should be hard enough in order to withstand grinding, the second is crucial in case when absolute purity of sample is needed. In most cases, mortars and pestles for sale are made of ceramic, stone, metal, glass or plastic. Each of the materials has its own advantages. For example, glass is rather fragile, but is stain resistant, so it works well for substances containing liquids. Ceramic can withstand high temperatures but is porous to a degree. Metal sets are extremely durable, so are stone sets, which are often carefully polished to minimize contamination.

If you are still looking where to buy mortars and pestles online, check our website. You will be surprised with the quality of the sets you can purchase for such moderate prices. In case you need some rare products, contact our team and we will do our best to help you as soon as possible.

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