Laboratory glassware

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Liquid Nitrogen-Cooled Mortar

Frozen tissue samples can be ground without the hazard of liquid nitrogen droplets flying onto personnel. A 304 stainless steel mortar is suspended by three brackets above a stainless steel bowl which holds the liquid nitrogen.

Long Stem Funnels

Heavy-duty, polypropylene funnels have smooth walls, 60 degree cone angle and long stem. External ribs prevent air lock. Steam autoclavable at 121ºC (250ºF).

Micro Funnels

Perfect for micro work, filling burettes, manometers, and small bottles.

Micro Zippette, Hand-Held Dispenser

The MicroZippette™ is a spring-loaded, self-priming, hand-held dispenser. Ideal for rapid multi-dispensing of reagents as an alternative to micropipettors.

Polystop Dropper Bottles

The Polystop™ Dropper Bottle provides a distinct advantage over other glass dropper bottles.

Polystormor® Square Wide Mouth Bottles

These space-efficient bottles store more samples or chemicals in limited shelf space than round bottles. Not suitable for shipping liquids.