Laboratory glassware

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Spray Pump Bottles

Just a press of the plunger releases a fine mist spray. Low density polyethylene bottle is available in two sizes.

Table-Top Buchner Funnels

Table-Top Buchner Funnels. Use below 52º C (125ºF). 24" and 36" sizes come crated.

Thistle Tube

The flared top thistle tube is made from polypropylene which is chemical resistant, unbreakable, and safe. Steam autoclavable at 121º C (250º F).

Thistle Tube, Funnels

These cylindrical-shaped glass tubes offer three different stem lengths. Its thistle-top style makes these funnels useful for adding reagents to reaction vessels.

Urbanti High-Speed Filter Funnels

Unsurpassed for non-vacuum, high-speed filtration, these clear funnels have internal helicoid ribs to increase the filtration speed. Vertical outer ribs prevent airlock.