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Laboratory Flasks

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This glassware is usually considered as indispensable tool for any laboratory. It is used to contain and mix different liquids, as well as to heat or cool them, plays an important role in processes of condensation and precipitation, etc. All the flasks used in chemistry or any other science lab are usually divided into several types:

  • Erlenmeyer flask. With its cylindrical neck and conical base, these flasks are the most commonly used.
  • Sidearm flask differs from Erlenmeyer in a small tube on the neck. Such shape makes it perfect for creating vacuum.
  • Fleaker: cylindrical body shape and the neck curving inwards.
  • Boiling or Florence flask consists of round sphere supplemented with a long and thin neck. It is usually used for boiling and for that reason made of borosilicate glass for better resistance.
  • Retort has a spherical body and a down-pointing neck. Due to its shape, this labware fits perfectly for distillation.
  • Schlenk flask consists of a tubular or round bulb with a long neck. On this neck, there is a side-arm with a valve, which intended for releasing gas or pressure.
  • Volumetric laboratory flasks are usually graduated for measuring the specific amount of liquids used in the scientific lab. That is why they can be made of plastic, as well as of glass.

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