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Our website is your chance to purchase the wide range of one of the basic lab instruments – beakers – for reasonable prices. Among our main advantages are the punctual delivery, caring attitude to our customers as well as to their orders.

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The High-Quality Glass, Plastic and Metal Beakers

One more benefit is the extensive catalog able to satisfy the most complicated requirements.

Mixing, stirring, heating, complicated chemical reactions: all of these are the everyday processes at any scientific laboratory. That is why it’s so important to choose the right and reliable beakers that will completely meet your requirements. Typically, all of these vessels are divided into 3 groups according to their construction material:

  • Glass beakers: their main advantages are strength and limpidity.
  • Metal, usually aluminum or stainless steel, are sturdy and hard to break.
  • Plastic beakers are popular for their compatibility with different chemicals and impact resistance. They usually are disposable.

Besides, these utensils diverse according to their size. The most widespread are low-form or Griffin. They are employed in majority of chemical experiments. High-form and flat vessels are used for particular reactions such as titration and crystallization.

Whatever beakers you need, you can find them on our website We offer you only safe qualitative graduated and non-graduated vessels. Just add your items to the shopping cart and our representative will contact you promptly. After specification of all the delivery details, you need just to wait a little, and your order will arrive intact at any place on Earth.

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